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No longer a problem with EasyBuy! Make online shopping in the US easier and safer!

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About Easybuy

Want to shop online but don’t have a credit card? That’s no longer a problem with EasyBuy. Don’t let this small dilemma hinder you from getting your most coveted items from any online shop in the US. Just order through us and pre-pay instead.

Some online shops also only accept credit cards with billing addresses within their coverage area and decline payment from PH banks. This is not a problem with us anymore.

Likewise, this service is also available for those who have credit cards but are afraid to use them. We’ve all heard the horror stories when using your Credit Card online. While there are a lot of safety measures already in place, your precious bank details can easily land in the hands of the wrong person.

These common problems are what inspired us to make online shopping in the US easier and safer! EasyBuy is our extra service to you, our valued customers. All you need is an account with us to get started!

How EasyBuy works?

Unlike with our shipping service, we will be the
ones ordering for you


Fill out the form

Simply fill out the form below with the complete details.


Wait for confirmation

Wait for our confirmation email that we have received your purchase order. We’ll also send the total cost and payment details!


Pay the item

Settle payment through BDO or DragonPay. Send us a photo of proof through our email thread.


Wait for your order

Wait for your order in 10 working days after payment!


EasyBuy is available for most online shopping websites in the US, big or small.

Shop online in the US

You can now access all these stores through one EasyBuy account and no credit card details. The distance won’t matter because our shopping and shipping experience is designed to make you feel nearer to your most wanted items.

Order management

We understand that waiting can be frustrating. That’s why we provide real-time updates through our order tracking feature with your EasyBuy account.

Returns management

In case the item is defective, we’ll facilitate return to the seller for a minimum fee. Indicate which item and why you intend to return it to the seller.

Returns management

In case the item is defective, we’ll facilitate return to the seller for a minimum fee. Indicate which item and why you intend to return it to the seller.

Pricing Table

We'll charge a minimum amount as a service fee for the items that you order.
You may refer to our pricing matrix to help you estimate this!



USD 20 3 items from a maximum of 2 different websites
+ USD 5 Additional item from the same websites
+ USD 20 3 more items from 2 more websites
USD 10 Handling Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions are always welcome, but before you hit that Contact Us button, read through our FAQs first.

The order form is available online via our website. There is no downloadable form, so make sure you are connected to the Internet before ordering!
Aside from the pricing matrix available above, we will charge a handling fee of US$10. This will go into ensuring that your items reach you securely from the store to your home here in the Philippines.
As of now, EasyBuy is only available for US-based shops only.
No need to worry. We will deliver to your Philippine address within 10 working days after we receive the package at our warehouse in Los Angeles.
We currently do not offer consolidation services, but we hear you! We’re looking into it.
Easily settle your EasyBuy payment through BDO and DragonPay.
We love attending to your concerns wherever it’s convenient for you. However, for easier monitoring and reference, please send the proof of payment via our email thread for that particular EasyBuy purchase.

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With us, shopping halfway across the globe is now more accessible.