There’s a reason we’re called EasyBox. It’s because our shipping service is hassle-free.

EasyBox About

We make cross border shopping all access, easy breezy, and worry-free for anyone.

In just  a few steps, you’ll have your parcel shipped here to the Philippines delivered to your  doorstep. EasyBox is our name, and convenient online shopping is our game. We feel your  pain when you spot an item but it’s sold by an international seller. Shipping through postal  can either take forever or, worse, be totally unavailable. Why risk it when you’ve got us? We  can forward your package anywhere here in the country timely and safely.

Ever worried your package will be lost or delivered to the wrong address? Unless you  mistakenly input different contact details, that will never happen with EasyBox. We make  sure your parcel gets to you in one box at the right time. 

Easybox is a package forwarding service that brings items straight to you. With us, you can now buy from any online international stores straight to your doorstep.


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