Terms and Conditions

This is to authorize EasyBuy to purchase the above listed items upon full payment. By submitting this order form, I confirm that I agree:

1 ) That my orders are final and non-returnable.

2 ) That none of my orders are contraband or form part of the list of prohibited items from EasyBox’ service. I also declare that all items ordered are for personal and not for commercial use.

3 ) That I understand that I will be charged based on actual weight or volumetric weight of the items including their packaging, whichever is higher.

4 ) That I understand that goods classified as valuable cargo or goods whose value is over $200 and items shipped in commercial quantities is considered taxable. I agree to pay any corresponding fees should my purchase order be deemed to fit in this category.

5 ) That I will pay unforeseen charges and adjustments due to supplier price or foreign exchange rate from the time I filled out this form to the actual time of purchase.

6 ) That I relieve EasyBuy of all liability for mistaken items caused by myself, the supplier or fortuitous events.

7 ) That I indemnify EasyBuy for any fines, penalties, forfeitures or other costs that may arise from my own negligence or fault.

8 ) That EasyBuy’s service charge is non-refundable. For cancelled orders, the service charge is deemed forfeited.

9 ) That my order is insured upon receipt from the Philippine warehouse until delivery to my provided address. If my order is damaged during this period, EasyBuy will refund to me the declared value of my order.

10 ) That, suppletory to the above terms and condition, I also accept and understand the Terms and Conditions for the Easy Box shipping service.