Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EasyBox?

EasyBox is a cross border forwarding service who can take care of your shipping needs in  a few steps. We bring the world to your doorstep. Find out more about us by visiting our  About page.

EasyBox operating hours
What are your operating hours for accepting and processing packages? 

EasyBox Warehouse Team accepts your items and ships your item on the following days and times:

United States: Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00nn (California Time) *subject to return to normal schedule after pandemic*

China: Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:00pm and Saturday 9:30am-12:30nn

Singapore: Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm

Our Customer Support Team in the Philippines is ready to assist you Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m (Philippine Time)

Creating an account
How do I create an Easybox account?
  1. Go to and click on Sign Up at the top right corner of the page
  2. Fill in the necessary fields
  3. After registering, you will receive an email notification to confirm your email address. Once you have clicked the link to confirm, you may now start using your EasyBox account.
Changing or recovering my password
I seem to have forgotten my password. How can I change it?

If you lost your password, just go to the Sign In page and click the “Forgot Password?” link. Follow the succeeding steps afterward.

Can I also change my password?

Upon logging in, simply go to Account Settings and change your password.

Invalid Username or Password
Upon logging in, I’m getting an error message that says “Invalid Username or Password.” What do I do?

Oh no! Just kidding! This message normally appears either when you have wrongly typed your Username or Password, or when your account has not yet been verified.

Try typing slowly, one letter at a time, on your next login attempt to finally get it right. If you really lost your password, follow the procedure in the previous question.

Shipping destination
Where exactly can I get my products shipped to?

As long as you are here in the Philippines your shipment is going to be just fine

Overseas Address
What is EasyBox United States, China and Singapore Addresses? 

This addresses serve as your US, China, and Singapore delivery addresses, which you will  be using when shopping on US, China and Singapore online stores. This ensures that the  goods you shop are delivered to EasyBox. This is different from the Philippine address (PH  Delivery Address) which will be used to ship your package/s when they arrive at the  EasyBox Warehouses 

Please inform your seller that our Singapore Warehouse is located in a Free Trade Zone area. Only some couriers have access such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, Singapore Post, EMS, etc. Please double check with your seller first before sending your shipment/s to our Singapore Warehouse to avoid any problems.

Overseas PO Box
Are my EasyBox United States, China and Singapore addresses a PO box?

No, however, some US, China and Singapore online stores will consider it as  Logistics/Forwarder addresses

Tracking my shipment
How do I track the delivery status of my packages?

If you do not have your tracking number, use your order number to follow up delivery from your US, China and Singapore online store you shop from.

If you have your tracking number, use it to track your package on the website of your US, China, and Singapore couriers (i.e. DHL, UPS, and FEDEX). If your package has already arrived at the Easybox US, China, or Singapore warehouse, the status will reflect that it has been delivered

Package arrival at the Easybox address
The scheduled arrival date of my shipment to the registered address is today. How would I know if the package has already arrived?

Cheers to that! Once your package has reached to us, you will have a new status in your account.

We will weigh in and measure your item/s in its original packaging, then we will send the billing statement to your registered e-mail address.

Failed package delivery
I just received a message from the US courier that my package was failed to be delivered. What does this mean?

Sorry to hear that! Kidding!

This usually happens in the event that your package arrives outside the operating hours of our warehouse or on a holiday. Don’t worry, the courier will normally redeliver on the next business day.

Should the courier fail to redeliver the parcel, kindly contact your seller to request a redelivery. There is always a second chance.

Package Inspection

Will you look and inspect what I bought?

Yes, we do inspect your purchased item/s. Easybox reserves the right to inspect all the packages in your name without giving you prior notice.

We want to check that your package is in good condition and that the item declared upon ordering matches with what the courier delivered to us. Waiting for an item to arrive is not that easy, so we want to ensure that you will receive exactly what you ordered.

Don’t worry! Your items are covered with insurance and we will make sure your items are safe and sound.

Easybox address accountability

Are my items safe inside an Easybox warehouse?

100% yes! Only authorized personnel are allowed to handle your purchases. We handle it like it’s ours.

Storage Fee

I just received the billing statement and I cannot pay for it at the moment. How long can my item/s stay in the Easybox warehouse?

Your item/s can stay in our house for free for the 15 days after your package has arrived to us. Once it exceeds the free cart storage limit, a charge of USD 0.32 per day will apply. You will see this in your billing statement when you have your item delivered to your local address.

We reserve the right to dispose of packages not claimed beyond 30 days without prior notice. If you think you cannot settle the amount within this time period but still want to receive your item, kindly inform us ahead not beyond 30 days. We will gladly help and attend to your concern!

Check Rates

I want to gauge how much will my shipping cost be. How do I check it?

Excellent question. We believe that excellent questions deserve a clear answer.

Before heading to the computation part, here is the general rule when it comes to shipping that you might want to take note of:

Make sure you have measured and weighed your freight correctly. If you accidentally get this wrong, an extra fee may be charged from the courier which we well have to pass onto you.

Back to the question. You can compute (or at least, estimate) how much is the cost of the shipping by simply basing on its actual weight or volumetric weight. If it appears to have a decimal point, we round it up to the nearest whole number (if it’s 2.75 kg, we mark it as 3)

It is an advantage if you know the actual weight of the product, but if you don’t, you can compute for its volumetric weight. How do we do it?

For US packages:

Chargeable weight = Length x Width x Height / 166

For China packages:

Chargeable weight = Length x Width x Height / 6000

For Singapore packages:

Chargeable weight = Length x Width x Height / 5000

Take Note:

  • Air shipment rates in the US are computed using pounds and inches. While China, Hong Kong, and Singapore use kilograms and centimeters.
  • The shipping fee is based on US dollars which are then converted to peso using the Easybox exchange rate

That sounds great but, what if I don’t have any tools to measure what I purchased?

We highly encourage that the dimensions and the weight declared should be accurate. If you can wait until you have a way to accurately measure your freight, please do so.

But if you have no options left, consider overestimating the dimension and weight of the product. Of course, you may pay a little extra, but you will save more from not having to pay additional charges.

Payment Methods

What are the different payment methods that I can use to book a shipment?

We offer a lot of payment options just for you! Just choose the method that suits you. We accept BDO Bank Deposit or Online Transfer and DragonPay.

Cash-On-Delivery is available upon request for approval. Applicable only for EasyBox shipping and delivery service.

For Cash-On-Delivery mode of payments, an additional 3% Cash-On-Delivery Fee will be charged on top of the total fee to be paid.


Will there be an additional payment for the tax?

The rates that we offer are inclusive of taxes already.

Is my package insured? I want to make sure just in case.

Yes, it is! We are offering up to USD 100 worth of insurance for free based on the declared value. If your item exceeds USD 100 and you want to fully insure it, you can pay for the additional insurance that is 4% of the value in excess of USD 100.

Easybox Insurance
How does this insurance actually work?

Hopefully, it doesn’t happen to you so you won’t need to go through it. But here’s how it works:

Easybox insurance starts when we receive your item in any of our addresses up to your doorstep in the Philippines. If the parcel was damaged/loss within transit, we will reimburse the value of the item based on what you declared upon registration.

Item Return
Can I still return items to the merchant?

As long as it’s not yet in transit to the Philippines, your item/s can still be returned. Coordinate with your merchant on the Return and Refund Policy. Notify us within 3 days after the receipt of the item in our address if you want to return the package to the merchant.


As a buyer, you will be held liable for any shipping fees, duty, tax and other charges incurred during the shipment of the items for return. Packages that are in transit or in the Philippine warehouse can no longer be requested for return.

Making a claim
I have damaged/lost items. How can I make a claim for this?

First of all, we apologize for the inconvenience of having you do this. Send us a message through our support e-mail or call us at (+63 2) 536-7623 to 25 loc.111 & 125

Acceptable Items

  • Electronic Devices

    • Mobiles
    • Tablets
    • Security Cameras
    • Car Cameras
    • Action/Video Cameras
    • Digital Cameras
    • Laptops
    • Desktops
    • Gaming Consoles
    • Gadgets
  • Electronic Accessories

    • Mobile Accessories
    • Portable Audio
    • Computer Accessories
    • Camera Accessories
    • Storage
    • Printers
    • Computer Components
    • Wearable
    • Console Accessories
    • Tablet Accessories
  • TV and Home Appliances

    • TV & Video Devices
    • TV Accessories
    • Home Audio
    • Cooling & Air Treatment
    • Small Kitchen Appliances
    • Vacuums & Floor Care
    • Iron & Sewing Machines
    • Personal Care Appliances
    • Large Appliances
    • Parts & Accessories
  • Health and Beauty

    • Bath & Body
    • Beauty Tools
    • Fragrances
    • Hair Care
    • Markeup
    • Men's Care
    • Personal Care
    • Skin Care
    • Food Supplements
    • Medical Supplies
  • For Babies & Toys

    • Baby Gear
    • Baby Personal Care
    • Clothing & Accessories
    • Deapering & Potty
    • Feeding
    • Nursery
    • Baby & Toddler Toys
    • Figures & Collectibles
    • Remote Control & Vehicles
    • Sports & Outdoor Play
  • Groceries and Pets

    • Beverages
    • Breakfast, Choco & Snacks
    • Food Staples
    • Fresh, Frozen & Chilled
    • Laundry & Household
    • Wines, Beers & Spirits
    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Fish
  • Home and Lifestyle

    • Bath
    • Bedding
    • Decor
    • Furniture
    • Kitchen & Dining
    • Lighting
    • Tools, DIY & Outdoor
    • Stationery & Craft
    • Books
    • Music & Instruments
  • Women's Fashion

    • Dresses
    • Tops
    • Pants & Leggings
    • Jackets & Coats
    • Lingerie, Sleep & Lounge
    • Flat Shoes
    • Sandals
    • Sneakers
    • Bags
    • Muslim Wear
  • Men's Fashion

    • Casual Tops
    • Shirts
    • Pants
    • Jeans
    • Jackets & coats
    • Sneakers
    • Formal Shoes
    • Boots
    • Bags
    • Accessories
  • Fashion and Accessories

    • Women's Watches
    • Men's Watches
    • Kids' Watches
    • Women's Jewellery
    • Men's Jewellery
    • Sunglasses
    • Eyeglasses
    • Eyewear Accessories
    • Contact Lens
  • Sports and Travel

    • Travel
    • Boxing & Martial Arts
    • Exercise & Fitness
    • Outdoor Recreation
    • Racket Sports
    • Team Sports
    • Water Sports
    • Sports Accessories
    • Women's Apparel
    • Women's Sports Shoes
    • Men's Apparel
    • Men's Sports Shoes

Prohibited Items

  • Currencies, cash, checks, money orders & other negotiable instruments
  • Perishable foodstuff and beverages
  • Oversize packages that exceed 120 inches in length, width or height (if you wish to ship such a package, please inform us first via email)
  • Watches no classified as “Valuable Cargo” shall be limited to one (1) piece per consignment
  • Car parts exceeding 20 inches on any side of its package
  • Prescription drugs and medication including supplements exceeding 1 lbs. per package
  • Illegal drugs, chemicals or substances
  • Lithium batteries and Electronics containing Lithium Batteries (such as laptops, cellphones, etc)
  • Flammable nail polish, colognes, eau de toilette, perfumes, & similar products

    (note: please check product packaging for information if it is flammable. If it is labeled as such it is unacceptable)

  • Lubricants & other petroleum based products
  • Flammable materials, liquids/fluids, fuel, thinners, petroleum based paints, varnishes
  • Explosives & combustible items
  • Gas cylinders, items containing compressed air/gas, fire extinguishers
  • Substances not packed in commercially labeled consumer packs
  • Gambling materials
  • Firearms, bladed weapons, ammunition, firearm parts & accessories
  • Replicas of guns & firearms, including toy guns, air-soft guns, air-guns, tools & accessories
  • Essential Oils and similar products
  • Other goods & items without proper documentation, clearance, permit & packaging
  • Jewelries, precious metals, unset gem stones, diamonds and crystals without commercial retail labels, high value wrist watches and others personal accessories
  • Goods classified as “Valuable Cargo.” These are goods whose value is over $2,000.00 or those with a pro-rated value per package of over $450.00 per pound
  • Contraband & other goods prohibited by law
  • Ceramic, Porcelain, Glassware, other highly breakable goods, including products in highly breakable containers
  • Live plants & animals, including stuffed animals
  • Poisonous, toxic substances, pesticides, fertilizers, chlorine, pool chemicals, including substances and materials packed in bulk bags without commercial retail brand labels
  • Human remains
  • Pornographic materials
  • Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, including e-cigarettes / vape cartridges, juices, and batteries

Note: Please be reminded that we do not allow commercial quantities of goods.